About Us

Paradigm 3i Solutions provides a variety of world-class solutions to a diverse client base. Since entering the market in 2005 the strength of Paradigm 3i Solutions business model has been our integrity of operations and commitment to providing leading edge solutions. Our extensive portfolio of services allows us to consistently exceed customer expectations while retaining market leadership. Our value is in our experienced staff of seasoned professionals whose expertise brings experience to problem solving in the global market in a variety of areas including:

  • Strategic Enterprise Development and Portfolio Analysis
  • Program and Project Management and Acquisition Services
  • Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Solutions, Collection Management,¬†HUMINT, SIGINT
  • Leadership and Organizational Training Programs
  • Complex Facilities Management, Remodeling/Redesign, and Maintenance Services

Each of the members of the staff has realized a great deal of successes in a number of highly visible fields. Their experiences will continue to be leveraged as a catalyst to Paradigm 3i Solutions business model. Paradigm 3i Solutions has become synonymous with expert delivery, customer service and leading edge solution deployment. Our future success is client dependent as the company begins to aggressively embark on the next phase of business growth and expansion.