Our Value Proposition

We have accepted the challenge to deliver our high level consulting products to customers one at a time. We work closely with clients at the senior level as well as the managerial and task level. We provide enterprise management solutions for long term and short term planning in a quality environment. Our success is in our expertise and hands on approach managing a centralized delivery system. We answer the “why” in change and support you in moving your culture to the next level. Paradigm 3i Solutions meets our customers with quality, consistency and professionalism expected of certified professionals. By offering incentive-based delivery, we are able to deliver our products to our customers by saving them time, money and valuable resources.

Why We Are Different

We are first seasoned professionals with highly skilled Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Professionals. We promote high standards that our customers expect from Paradigm 3i Solutions. We consistently provide measurable and evidenced based long-term results for our client supported by data analysis and empirical reasoning.

We Know the Global Marketplace

Choosing expert service providers who have been on the ground in real world scenarios continues to be crucial to governments and corporations desiring expansion in the competitive global market place. Paradigm 3i Solutions provides expert advisement and consultation to our customers facing restructuring and challenges from increased regulation and technology advancements. Your company’s growth will depend on empirical research backed by our proprietary system and strategic analysis.